Writer in Motion – Looking back

Writer in Motion

Last year was my first time participating in Writer in Motion and its second year of existence. The purpose of the project is to write a short story (1000 words or less) in a month based on a photo prompt, and really show your editing process.

The first week, participants write and share a first draft, the second week is self editing, third week exchange your work with a critique partner, and fourth week either exchange again, or if you win the raffle (which I did!) you send your work to an editor before posting your final version. Each draft is posted on the forum so everyone on the internet can see how your story evolved and better understand who are plotters and who are pantsers and who are in between.

Prompt for WiM 2019. Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

How did I get here?

I first heard about Writer in Motion through twitter, and decided I would participate. However, introvert that I am, I have a history of wanting to participate, but sitting on the sideline and watching when it was time to jump in.

To prevent this from happening again, I energetically entered the raffle to have my writing featured on the site and critiqued by a professional editor. This choice was quickly regretted when I won the lottery and now my amateur writing will be seen by many people who write for a living.

I enjoyed my time in this project, met some new and interesting people, found leads to resources to improve my craft, and I have a short story.

It’s looking like I’ll probably rewrite it again, but that is for the future. I’ll post it in short stories if/when that happens. In the mean time, here is a link to the final draft.

Aesthetic for La Capitaine, by Dani Frank

The Story

I opted for a fantasy adventure at sea for my short story, starring the big hearted but takes no crap, Capitaine Margot Toulouse and her ex(?) turned enemy Captain Guy Roberts.

For those interested in seeing my process but don’t want to navigate through the forum to find them, I have provided some quick links here:

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